Short Stories

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Andrew hasn’t set foot in his childhood bedroom for nine years – not since the night his parents were murdered there. But when his well-meaning brother-in-law accidentally opens the door again, Andrew must confront the nightmare that still lurks within.

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The Unrapture

When Gabe Gilman’s wife dies, he parts ways with God. Now, his home threatened by an alien invasion force, Gabe’s faith is tested by a mysterious street preacher who visits his dreams each night, probing his beliefs, searching for cracks. It’s not until millions of people begin disappearing around the world that Gabe learns who the preacher really is and what he must do to survive the wrath of the only true Gods.

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The Day I Learned to Fly

Kevin’s been running all his life; whenever the going gets tough, he heads for the door as fast as he can. It’s no surprise, then, that when his wife leaves him, Kevin’s natural inclination is to escape. Only this time he’s not running…he’s spreading his wings and flying.

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More to come…

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