Time Lapse

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but for Julian Kleinfelder, they’re far more valuable: they are the keys to a thousand doorways.

Gifted with the ability to “lapse” into photographs, Julian can instantaneously travel to the precise time and place a picture was snapped. To him, it’s a neat party trick, a way to awe his high school pals. To Damon Silva, a private contractor for the U.S. government, Julian’s talent is a game-changer, an invaluable asset that must be secured at any cost.

Now, secreted away at Damon’s clandestine facility, Julian is being trained to harness his true potential. Damon’s team of experts, headed by a brilliant neuro-psychologist and a ruthless ex-Marine, are shaping him into a new breed of top-secret operative – one who can bend time and space to his will.

Thing is, Julian didn’t sign up for any of this. He never asked for this “gift,” and he sure as hell didn’t agree to forsake his family, his friends, and his life in order to satisfy Damon’s own twisted ambitions. He just wants to lead a normal life like a normal person.

With everything on the line, Julian sets in motion a daring escape plan, traversing decades in the blink of an eye, rewriting his future by undoing the past. He just has to be careful he doesn’t undo himself in the process…


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