Stephen Hitchings has had enough. Divorced, depressed, at the end of his rope, he’ll do anything for a fresh start…even if it means allowing Katharine Langford, a ruthless psychiatrist with a dark past, to re-wire his brain. Langford’s revolutionary personality-altering procedure, Refraction, promises to make her clients better, brighter, happier with the flip of a switch, but every promise has its cost. Even as he’s becoming hopelessly addicted to Refraction—and to Langford’s right-hand woman—Stephen fails to see this cost. All he knows is that he feels great, better than he has in years. But when Langford discovers that he’s been sweet-talking his way into unauthorized refractions, she bans him from her clinic.

Now, desperate for a fix, he turns to Alonzo Goulding, Langford’s ex-partner who was forced out after naïvely handing over his design for the machine that powers Refraction. Alonzo can’t access Langford’s top-secret personality profiles, but Stephen’s new girlfriend can, and with her help, they form an uneasy alliance, trading profiles for back-alley refractions. Alonzo isn’t helping Stephen out of the kindness of his heart, though. He has Langford in his crosshairs, and with Refraction’s future in jeopardy, Stephen must learn to make peace with himself and decide which is more important: reality or fantasy, true happiness or the empty promises of addiction.

From the glittering high-rises of Chicago to the sunny beaches of Miami, from the abandoned psychiatric ward of an aging country prison to Langford’s state-of-the-art clinic, Bent is a dark, dangerous descent into a world of obsession, addiction, and revenge…

A world where everyone is bent on something.


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